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I come here to write about things that bring me joy, or that are hilarious, or at times we may have to dive into some of those difficult topics that may leave you with more questions than you came with. Whatever the topic may be, I try to make sure you are left with some dose of that good-good mental health stuff 🙂

Imposter Syndrome and your Mental Health: Are you a Fraud? (The 5 types of Imposter Syndromes)

Imposter syndrome, a.k.a Imposter phenomenon/fraud syndrome/perceived fraudulence – an internal psychological experience of belief amongst individuals who, despite objective success, fail to internalise their accomplishments and experience persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. These individuals believe that they are not as competent as others perceive them to be and that their accomplishments result…


At the beginning of every new month, I have a habit of setting my monthly goals in my planner. Being the extreme organizer that I am who only functions on order and structure (yes, I cannot have so much as a meal unless it’s scheduled down on my to-do list), I would have broken down…