Hi There, I'm Magda!

Well…not actually my birth name, but sometimes people fall asleep by the time I get to the -leena part…yes, Magdaleena, and welcome to my world.

With my wide range of interests and opinions, I decided to create this blog to display most of my thoughts for the world to indulge. After all, what’s the worst that can happen by allowing the world to judge and critic your views, right?!

Which brings me to–ANXIETY!!! Being somewhat of an extrovert who suffers from anxiety is probably the most confusing personality triat ever. On the one hand, I have this LOUD, wild and carefree personality to be whoever I want to be and do whatever I want to do (yep, you guessed it, I’m your typical VERY OPINIONATED, FREE-SPIRITED and REBELLIOUS SCORPIO female). But on the other hand, there’s the other self that shrinks itself because it worries too much what others think of them, and can’t stand the fact that they are misunderstood and just hopes that the world doesn’t judge them too harshly for the unconventional ways that they choose to navigate this thing called life. Because, it still makes no sense why everything in life comes with a manual, EXCEPT life itself. The beauty in this though is that anytime I get told “I just don’t understand you”, I tend not to take it to heart, coz guess what, I don’t understand me too!! So why did I choose to create a blog I will have to post my views that will probably leave me with endless sleepless nights worrying about who may be reading them and judging me?? Because I WANT TO (you see, there’s that fierce queen who goes after what she wants). Also, you can call it a type of exposure therapy.

Speaking of exposure therapy, I’m a passionate about all things mental health related. I eat, live, breath, sleep (you name it) mental health. My passion on this is likely due to the fact that I didn’t even know I had any mental illness issues until late in my adulthood because I never grew up hearing about this issues. Where I come from, if anyone acts/feels different from societal norms, you gotta “PRAY ON IT” because that’s the devil right there, or his cousin “witchcraft”.. YOU GOTTA LOVE AFRICANS!

So here, we will be talking on all things mental health related, from relationships, work, beauty and just about your every social life issues and provide my own “life manual” on how I manage to do this thing called life! Do grab yourself a nice cup of tea or wine (we don’t judge here) and enjoy living for a moment in my thoughts.


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