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FORGOTTEN SOUND OF LAUGHTER At the beginning of every new month, I have a habit of setting my monthly goals in my planner. Being the extreme organizer that I am who only functions on order and structure (yes, I cannot have so much as a meal unless it's scheduled down on my to-do list), I… Continue reading FORGOTTEN SOUND OF LAUGHTER

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You are never behind in life – A life lesson I learned from grad school

by Nappy One of the biggest challenges to one's mental health and wellbeing is the opinion and emotions of "I'm behind in life". Most people, including myself, have compared ourselves and our journey to the next guy at one point or another. This doesn't only leave you feeling small and insignificant but will often have… Continue reading You are never behind in life – A life lesson I learned from grad school

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Processing Pain and Mental Health

Photo by Dhivakaran S Goodness, it's been a minute since I've been here. Please forgive me, because like everyone else, I'm still just trying to understand and adjust myself to this "new normal" we are all forced to adapt to. But just because I have not been blogging much about mental health doesn't mean I… Continue reading Processing Pain and Mental Health

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This is not my usual post on mental health and wellness, but with recent events that have been happening, it's OK to not be in a "mental wellness" state and just want to vent. Besides, venting can be a good mental release too. I'm sure by now we have all witnessed or at least read… Continue reading DO ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER??

Mental Health thoughts

21 Days of Abundance with Deepak Chopra

Before you say “Nah, I don’t believe in that stuff of asking the universe to give you things so, I’ll skip this read”, please hear my story first (even if it’s just to entertain yourself). I hope to give you a different perspective on how this worked for me and hopefully leave you with new… Continue reading 21 Days of Abundance with Deepak Chopra